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King Corona Cigars offer a sampling of what made Ybor City a special place and continue with the tradition of making some of the world’s finest handmade cigars, as we have now for five generations. King Corona is a multi-experience venue where one can enjoy fine cigars, fine wine, an expansive selection of imported beer, and delicious food made fresh to order. One can also buy a Guayabera – one of the most comfortable and timelessly stylish shirts ever made.

If its cigar accessories you’re looking for, we have a great selection to choose from. Talking about Ybor City without talking about Cuban coffee would be a sin, as just about everyone from Ybor City starts their day with a delicious cup of Cafe con Leche (Cuban espresso with steamed milk) or Cafe Solo (Cuban espresso). Rich, smooth exquisite coffee. Want to catch up on the latest news in Ybor City, Tampa and the world?

Do it with La Gaceta (The Gazette), the nation’s only tri-lingual newspaper – published weekly in Spanish, Italian and English. We also offer free wireless for our patrons to help them stay connected. The thing that makes King Corona muy especial (very special), are the people who come in every day –not just from Ybor City, but from all over the world; they share their lives, their stories, and their views on everything from sports to politics. They leave knowing they have a place to “hang their hats” when they return.